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lift_truckWhen tree removal is required there is no substitute for hiring a Pro. Of course you want to choose an outfit that is reputable, fully insured, with lots of tree removals under its belt. But your landscape is precious and important to you, and in the midst of removing a dead or dangerous tree you need someone who shows care and concern for your property. Mountain Tree Care has the personnel and the expertise to accomplish any tree removal with minimal impact on your landscape. Though we specialize in climbing and roping trees that are in difficult or sensitive locations, we also work from a 60’ aerial lift truck. In either case our goal is to execute the job with no collateral damage. Our clean-up is thorough, and except for some sawdust there is often little evidence we were there at all.

For those of you who wish to replace trees that have been (or will be) removed, we can provide a recommendation based on your site, and an estimate for planting.

Please know that we re-cycle nearly all wood waste to useful materials. Branches and tree tops become wood chip mulch. Larger wood is later processed to firewood for home heating, and a select few logs are sawn for lumber.