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With respect to our trees, there are two things that demand our attention this Spring. The first is that nasty ice storm of February 3rd. The second is the continuing threat from invasive insects. Let’s cover the latter first. We all know about the Woolly Adelgid damaging our Hemlocks and the Emerald Ash Borer destroying every Ash tree (save those being treated). Now we’re going to have to look out for the Spotted Lanternfly which has an appetite not for just one but for many different Species. The adult is colorful, larger than a grasshopper and is marching Northward, recently seen in Rockland County. Won’t be long before we find it in our own yards. Are we prepared?

Now for that nasty Northeaster which turned into an ice storm and then with treetops glistening beautifully like in a snow globe it gave us the cracking of limbs, with branches breaking and falling under the additional weight of the sparkling ice.

The tail end of Winter is never a pretty time of the year with the snow melt, the mud, and the lack of any color in the landscape. Because of this storm, we add to this rather dismal picture; broken branches, fractured limbs hanging precariously and lots of debris lining our roadways. In the end though, all that will be cleaned up. Daffodils will emerge, the Redbuds will bloom and once again our world will green up. But what about the damage to the trees?

For over four decades Mountain Tree Care has successfully dealt with both of these issues. Whether it’s fractured limbs or tree stressing insects, we have the experience and expertise to manage tree health. Don’t let tree problems spoil the beauty of your home landscape. Please take a moment to review our proposal. Sign and return the white copy to ensure timely service. Again, our commitment is to provide you with a healthy, safe, and beautiful yard.

Dwight Meyer Bayne, Certified Arborist Member: N.Y.S.A.A. - I.S.A.