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Ahh, I love the month of March.  Coming in much like a lamb pretty much guarantees it’s going out like a lion and as of this writing, I am hearing quite a roar.  When Seasons clash (as in Spring pushing Winter out the door) the atmosphere is stirred and the result can be storms and winds that are quite disturbing.  After a tough year in 2020 and lots of time spent at home, much of it outside, the last thing anyone needs is tree damage.  Maybe it’s time to do a really thorough inspection and restore a little tranquility to our yards.

In fact, there is no better time. With leaves not yet expanded it’s easy to spot broken and hanging limbs, decaying wood and other hazardous conditions within the crown of even the largest tree.  How about clearance? As trees grow larger they may begin to interfere with service wires, roofs, or even other plants and thus require corrective pruning. Are your trees and shrubs thriving?  Is poor soil or insect damage holding them back?  Do you have Hemlock trees with “Woolly Adelgid” or Ash trees with E.A.B.? Are Woodpeckers foraging them for grubs or worms?

For forty years Mountain Tree Care has been in the vanguard of tree care and tree preservation. We routinely solve most of these issues with the best and latest in arboricultural practice. Whether it’s careful pruning, deep root fertilizing, injection or power spraying, we have the expertise to keep your trees thriving.  Don’t let tree problems spoil the serenity of your home landscape.  Our commitment is to provide you with a healthy, safe, and beautiful yard.