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I’ve always thought of the Spring season as a Renaissance, a time where the natural world renews its cycle of germination, growth, maturation and reproduction. This year that optimism has been severely blunted by the pervasive effects of the current Pandemic. Suddenly the airways are full of fear and uncertainty. What I’ve seen from our leaders, however, gives me hope. Our scientists, all our heroic medical professionals, the Public-Private partnerships that are getting needed supplies to our hospitals, show us how working together we can get through this.  Even our lowly regarded Congress has risen to the challenge with a bi-partisan relief and stimulus package. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Will the Socio-Economic sphere follow the natural world into a brighter future?

I, for one, believe it will. Closing our schools, bars and restaurants, practicing social distancing, refraining from travel are all sacrifices we’re making to slow the spread of the virus. Getting past it is only a matter of time and since we are all spending more time at home here’s a thought:  Let’s do everything we can to make our home landscape and tree garden the healthy, safe and restful place we need it to be.

For over four decades Mountain Tree Care has been in the vanguard of tree preservation. Whether it’s pruning, storm damage repair, or treatments such as deep root fertilizing, trunk injection or power spraying, we have the expertise to keep your trees thriving. Don’t let tree problems spoil the serenity of your home landscape.