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"A tree's leaves may be ever so good, so may its bark, so may its wood
 But unless you put the right thing to its root, it will never show much flower or fruit."  Robert Frost

The poet is so right. Trees require certain elements or nutrients to function and grow. In the home landscape our trees are at a disadvantage because the natural cycle of fertility (present in the forest) is broken when we establish lawns, rake leaves and compact the soil with driveways and parking spaces. Trees growing under these conditions may decline, weaken or be attacked by insects and decay. Therefore it’s important to restore soil fertility with periodic fertilization treatments. Recent research, however, has shown that an application of N P K alone doesn’t address long term root health. Since stronger root systems mean stronger trees, we apply products that build better root systems by adding in required trace elements, humic acids, beneficial bacteria, and other soil microbes. These materials help break down organic matter, assist in the absorption of nutrients and become a naturally renewable source of bio-fertility.

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