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Sometimes it is possible to mitigate the risk of tree/branch failure by installing cables and/or braces to provide supplemental support. In cabling, hardware is installed to reduce the risk of tree failure. These support cables are used to reduce tree damage by limiting the lateral movement of branches and increasing the weight that a supported branch joint can sustain.

Cabling can be used to strengthen:               cablng_bracing   

  • split                                        
  • decayed
  • poorly structured limb junctions
  • weak-wooded trees.


Cables are installed in trees to provide support to weak or potentially dangerous limbs by connecting two or more limbs together. Poorly structured, multi-stemmed trees are more susceptible to breaking under the stress of wind or the weight of accumulated ice or snow. It is important to keep in mind that support cables have limitations. Before installing cables in a tree, the tree should be properly pruned and its structure evaluated. Hazardous and dead limbs need to be removed. The wood must be solid and large enough to support the cables. (

Mountain Tree Care has the expertise to evaluate the structure of your trees and install cabling where appropriate. Call for a free evaluation.