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The Hudson Valley's Finest Tree Care Service

med_071102a5648We believe Trees are amazing. They are wonderful in so many ways and, as the planetary vegetation, are essential to our sustainability. Think about it:

Trees supply the oxygen we need to breathe
Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants
Trees provide shade and shelter reducing energy costs
Trees stabilize the soil and prevent erosion

Trees are also wonderful additions to our home landscape. When well maintained, they provide beauty, color, and interest, even food and shelter for birds and wildlife. There’s no doubt they raise the value of our properties. However, as occasional thunderstorms and winter weather events prove, trees can be problematic and dangerous. Trees need our help to be safe and worthy in our landscape. They need pruning when they intrude on our living space and need removal if they become hazardous.

For over 30 years Mountain Tree Care has been in the vanguard of tree preservation. Whether it’s our innovative pruning, our ability to repair and reshape trees after storm damage, or our expertise in diagnosing insect or disease issues, Mountain Tree Care has the tools and the experience to keep your trees safe and healthy. Let’s not let tree problems spoil the tranquility of your home landscape. Our commitment is to provide you with healthy, safe, and beautiful trees.