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I love the Spring season. Except for the others it’s my favorite. It’s a time for renewal. It’s a new beginning, a clean slate. After a long tough Winter who’s not ready for that? Daffodils and Tulips inspire me. The “peeping” of baby toads and the swelling of tree buds lift my spirits. Add in a surge of warmth and color and the stage is set for a veritable renaissance. All told the Spring season reminds me that the “best is yet to come”.

Sometimes, however, the best comes with a price. As Winter turns to Spring the clash of seasons stirs the atmosphere and the result can be storms and winds quite disturbing to our landscape. What’s more, the warmth of the sun awakens hungry insects who will feed on our trees and shrubs. That’s the bad news. The good news is that trees that are managed through pruning and thinning stand up to the winds and those that are fertilized or treated with systemic materials resist insect damage and grow strong and healthy.

For over four decades Mountain Tree Care has been in the vanguard of tree preservation. Whether it’s pruning, storm damage repair, or treatments such as deep root fertilizing, trunk injection or power spraying, we have the expertise to keep your trees thriving. Don’t let tree problems spoil the serenity of your home landscape.