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T. S. Eliot once wrote that “April is the cruelest month”.  I think I know just what he was getting at, but this year I have to say March was the cruelest month as three major “Nor’easters” came at us with gale and fury. Wasn’t too bad if you were indoors and the power wasn’t disrupted, but it was terrifying if you were rooted in the ground and your branches were laden with wet heavy snow. Storms like these are especially cruel to our evergreen trees. Already burdened with needles and cones the extra weight of ice and snow is unforgiving and fracture is often the result.  Can this be avoided?

Yes! The skilled craftsmen at Mountain Tree Care have been pruning to prevent storm damage since day one. Cutting back and thinning a very heavy crown will tip the odds in a tree’s favor should the wind again blow hard.  We’re also quite adept at repairing and re-shaping trees that have already suffered breakage. With Nature’s power of regeneration even a severely damaged crown can be restored in a couple of years.

For nearly four decades Mountain Tree Care has been in the vanguard of tree care and tree preservation. Whether it’s preventive pruning, storm damage repair, or treatments such as deep root fertilizing, injection or power spraying, we have the expertise to keep your trees thriving.  Don’t let tree problems spoil the serenity of your home landscape. Our commitment is to provide you with a healthy, safe, and beautiful yard.