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Some Springs show up early, some late. Although the current one seems a bit conflicted, make no mistake about it, Spring will eventually arrive. Despite a very cold March and a late season blizzard, the sun is climbing higher in the sky. With sap running and buds swelling everywhere, Cherry blossoms can’t be far behind. Is it time to roll out the barbeque? Well not exactly, but it is time to take stock of your trees.

In fact there is no better time to inspect your trees. With leaves not yet expanded it’s easy to spot broken and hanging limbs, decaying wood and other hazardous conditions within the crown of even the largest tree. How about clearance? As trees grow larger they may begin to interfere with service wires, roofs, or even other plants and thus require corrective pruning. Look to see if your trees are growing well. Is poor soil or insect damage holding them back? Do you have Hemlocks with “Woolly Adelgid” or Ash trees with E.A.B.? Are Woodpeckers foraging them for grubs or worms?

For 35 years Mountain Tree Care has devoted its attention to improving landscapes and preserving trees. Our expertise in this area is unmatched. Our skill and experience will help you maintain or improve the safety and serenity of your home landscape. With so much to gain why not act now? Our commitment is to provide you with a healthy, safe, and beautiful yard.
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